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Your Pharmacist

When was the last time your pharmacist had a chance to sit down and talk with you?  When was the last time you asked questions about your health to your health care professionals and had them actually stop and listen, then answer in straight forward language? When was the last time your healthcare professional looked you straight in the face and told you what you could do and need to do to take care of yourself? That’s what my articles are about. Post comments on the blog, send me emails. Let’s talk.


Your Health

Where do you want your health do be? How are you going to get there? Who is here to help you become the person you dream of becoming health-wise? What’s your plan? We can help. Follow on Twitter or like us on face book, or check back in. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed and keep improving your own world.


Your World

What does your world look like? What are you ready to do now to change your health? It’s about you and what you can do now, not some magic bullet, magic bean, or magic pill. What are you willing to do to change? Now? In a Week? A Year?

What We Do

Health is my passion. It’s my calling.  Pharmacists go through a huge amount of training to learn how bodies work, what goes wrong, how to help stay healthy, or bring back to health, and then many go into the field and don’t get to practice the reasons we went into medicine in the first place. The Art of Pharmacy. It used to be counseling, consulting, communicating, and yes, compounding medicines for people that needed them.  Now the world goes so fast, there’s not time in the pharmacy. So here I can take the time for you.


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Hot Yoga
This is an area about your health. What are you doing to improve your health now? What had you been doing harmed your health.


We all have family, viewed as a gift or a curse. How is your relationship with yours? How do you build and keep those relationships? How do you create good/bad relationships?



None of us are rocks, we all can learn something from someone, learning is part of life. Keep it up. Friends can help or harm with that.



Whether you call is spirituality, belief, meditation, or some other name, people gain strength from a faith representation.


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A 1999 graduate of Idaho State University’s School of Pharmacy, Leberknight has extensive experience in both retail and wholesale pharmacy.

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