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Hey all,

I just recently put that product you have all been begging for on amazon.com.

You know the one, it’s the Dr. T’s Herbal Medicine Deep Sleep Aid pills and it’s for all those nights when you can’t sleep and really don’t want to take those crazy prescription drugs with tons of side effects and hang over in the morning.  Instead of Ambien, Klonopin, or Xanax or Lunesta or Sonata, or Trazodone, or any of the other of the hard core prescriptions.

I don’t know if I told you the story, but my husband Dale and I were chatting about how I came up with the formula the other day.  It was after a couple months at my new pharmacist job when I was starting to have nightmares and not sleep at night.  Some of you may know how that goes.  Add a stressful job to a full life and suddenly you can’t sleep at night.

So whether it’s not breathing deeply or thinking too much about all the things you haven’t done yet and it’s bedtime so you know you have to get SOME sleep or tomorrow will be worse. You are tossing and turning and when you do go to sleep there are bad dreams, about the boss or coworkers or clients, or my personal favorite (which I still have) the “I can’t believe finals are tomorrow and I forgot to go to this math class for the ENTIRE Semester and now I have to cram and I am just going to Die! How could this have happened? an Entire Semester? what did I do instead?” I’ve been out of school for over a decade. Still have that dream. never missed a math class. STILL have that dream.

Anyway, our family doctor put me on Ambien because I was getting pretty stressed out and depressed. Talk about a hang over the next day, and If I didn’t go to sleep by 8:30 or 9:00 I couldn’t function in the pharmacy the next day anyway.  It was awful. So we dropped the dose, we changed medications 4 times to try other prescriptions. the results were the same, groggy, drowsy, tired the next day, or completely dried out so I couldn’t breath in the morning.

On day I looked at my husband and said. “This is stupid! I know what works.  I used to use it in high school! It’s tryptophan. why am I wasting all this time and money on these d*** meds when I could make something better?”

Short story… he said “do it.”

And so I did.

So I put together some of the herbs, vitamins, and amino-acids that I know work best, and work well together to help people get a healthy night’s sleep. This is a natural sleep
aid, to help you and me fall asleep fast and sleep well through the night. It
has Chamomile which is well known to help people sleep and used for generations,
L-Tryptophan, the ingredient in turkey that helps us fall asleep after a big
meal; Valerian, an herb known for producing tranquility; Melatonin, a hormone
that we produce less of as we age that helps our mood and helps with a deep
night sleep; Inositol, (a form of Niacin) one of the B vitamins that helps
regulate our system to allow us to sleep well, and Vitamin B6 to help with clear
thinking (cognitive improvement – if you want the technical term) when taken in
small amounts daily. I came up with this combination sleep supplement because
these ingredients work well together to improve the quality of our night’s sleep
and are safe in the amounts provided, so we can all fall asleep and rest safely
through the night. Sleep Well!

Remember, if you want to sleep and wake up well and revitalized. Check it out on amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00F48330C


Yours Dr. T


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